Website hacking and malware is a serious problem in today’s Computer Age. Hackers have become so advanced and developed expertise in their field of tampering with websites that there are diverse kinds of hacking and malware out there in the World Wide Web. Phishing, File and Database Injections, Backdoors, Pharma Hacks, Drive by Downloads, and Malicious Redirects are among the malicious methods used to hack online sites. If you want your websites to function at a normal speed and without any issues, you need to get protected against such malicious threats.

How can I check for malware?

If you have any fears that your website has been tampered with by an outside party, the best option available is to check your site for malware. In today’s technologically advanced world, there are many methods that assist you check your site for malware. Many websites offer this service free of charge over the internet. This procedure requires you to copy paste the URL or web site address that needs to be tested and select the “scan for malware” button. The malware detecting website will scan and investigate your website and present you with the result. However, the security provided by such free websites cannot be completely guaranteed. You do not deal with a real person and the feedback given to you is impersonal. Such online tools that offer site security include Sucuri Malware Scanning, CodeGuard, Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC), WP Antivirus Site Protection, AntiVirus, Anti-Malware, Quttera Web Malware Scanner, Wemahu, Wordfence Security, WP Changes Tracker & WP Security Audit Log, 6Scan Security, Kyplex Anti-Malware Service, Ultimate Security Checker, Exploit Scanner.

So how can I prevent any chance of malware?

As pointed out above, there is a multitude of ways to check WordPress security. However there is no way to 100% guarantee that your website is safe from backdoors and malware. VIP Digital, on the other hand, offers WordPress security solutions that are highly guaranteed and recommended, providing facilities of detecting hacks and cleaning malware. This website specialises in several areas of website protection. Unlike other malware detection and prevention sites, VIP Digital is unique. With us, you will get the advantage of receiving dedicated support from a real person. You will deal directly with an expert in the field for a very affordable price. Our service is entirely secure and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with us. We will help you create backups, easily manage your websites and make your pages lightning fast.

This all seems too much, is there an easier way?

If you value the safety of your website, the best solution is to put your trust in the hands of VIP Digital and get our help to manage your security. Our services also include free SSL certificates, free assessment, free website audit and free advice in addition to our very affordable monthly plans. We will tackle your security problems for you. If you hire our services once, you will realise the difference for yourself and even recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues! Stay safe, protected and get back to business with VIP Digital!